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Friday, December 27, 2019

Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
Wireless attack from windows 10.

There are not so many Ethical hacking resources for windows as Linux systems have but some developers release a modified version of the tools that are originally made to work with Linux.

It is easy and comfortable to use Windows, right? why would we sacrifice our comfort for just one tool? You don't need to!

The first question, why you have come here.

Can we use Aircrack-ng on a Windows system?

Yes. Of course, you can. You can use both CLI  and GUI version of Aircrack-ng on windows.

The configuration of this tool is not that complicated. Once you get familiar with it, you can use it close eyes.

Aircrack-ng is a piece of the original Aircrack project. It is used for packet sniffing, to crack and analyze different wireless networking systems. It works on wireless LANs.

Let's get into the tutorial and see how we can configure it on Windows systems.

Configuring Aircrack-ng CLI mode on Windows

Fire up your Windows machine and download Aircrack-ng source files from It will be downloaded as a compressed file. Extract it.

To run it, you have to go to the extracted folder but we can make it easier to launch. We can set a path so that we can run it anywhere from the command prompt. Just follow the lead.

1. Move the folder from where you want to access it.

 2. Go to the "bin" folder and there you will see two folders 32bit and 64bit. Choose the architecture of the files you want to run. We are selecting 64bit. Copy the path from the address bar of the folder.
Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
2. Search for "Environment variables" on the start menu and open it. Here you can set a new path for a variable. Click on the "Environment variables".
Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
This will open up a new window. Click on "New" and set a path. In the 'Variable name' give a name such as "Path" and in the 'Variable value' field paste the copied path and click on 'Ok' just like shown in the screenshot below.
Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
3. Now open up the command prompt and type aircrack-ng and hit enter. You are all set! now you can launch it anywhere from the command prompt.

Configuring Aircrack-ng GUI mode on Windows

To use the GUI mode of Aircrack-ng, follow the instructions given below:

1. Go to the extracted folder and there go to the "bin" folder.

2. Copy the "Aircrack-ng GUI" application to the desired OS architecture. That is 32bit or 64bit.
Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
3. Now launch the application by double-clicking on it.

4. Select the file you've already captured. That will be in .cap format

5. Select the encryption method of the file.
Complete Guide: How To use Aircrack-ng on Windows 10
6. Click on 'Launch' and it will start cracking the captured file. It will show you if it finds any password on the file.


Aircrack project has always been a big part of wifi analysis. This project has been used by pen-testers and Ethical hackers in different fields and situations.

In Kali Linux, this project comes preinstalled. That is why professionals like to use Linux systems more than Windows.

What's your opinion about this tool? let us know in the comment box. Also, if you face any problem regarding the configuration of the tool, feel free to leave a comment explaining your problem.

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