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Friday, December 6, 2019

How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)

macOS on Windows.

Who doesn't want to use Mac right? 

But not all of us that rich to afford an Apple computer. At the price of a low-end apple computer, we can build a very powerful budget Windows computer whose performance will be top-notch.

Still, the apple looks really cool. 

But what if you were told that you can transform your Windows 10 computer to macOS?

Yeah? we just need some programs and a little bit of customization. It will give your Desktop a really cool mac look.

You don't need to worry about buying anything, all of it for free. 

But you may have to spend your time a little bit as customization needs soft touch to make it satisfying.

But don't worry if you like our customization, then, go ahead. We are going to describe the customization step by step. You just need to follow those.

Let's get into the tutorial.

Transforming Windows 10 to macOS 

We need to download some programs to start the transformation. Download the requirements listed below.

Alright. After downloading all the programs its time to proceed to the customization.

#Step 1: Customize the Nexus Dock

Extract the Nexus dock and install it.

Now extract the macOS sierra Dock, navigate to the 'San Francisco sierra font' folder and install the font.

Open up the Nexus dock installation folder in a new window by going through 'system drive\Users\Public\Documents\Winstep\NeXuS'.
How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)
Now, open up the extracted macOS sierra Dock in a new window and copy the 'macOS sierra Dock' to the 'Background' folder of the Nexus installation folder.

Again, copy the 'indicator.png' to the 'Indicators' folder.

Well done!

#Step 2: Adjust the Icons

Its time to adjust the icons. Navigate to the system drive and create a new folder on it and name it as 'Dock'. 

Open up again the extracted 'macOS sierra folder' and copy the 'icons system' folder to the newly created 'Dock' folder.
How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)
Now, extract the 'Numix icon pack' and from there copy the 'PNG' folder to the 'Dock' folder.

Okay. We have only two steps left.

#Step 3: Restore the Nexus Dock with the Backup File

Open the Nexus control panel by clicking on the Nexus logo on the dock and navigate to the 'Advanced' tab.

Click on the 'restore' option and it will open up a window. Navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the Nexus dock 'backup file' and select it. It should change the Nexus dock look and position.
How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)
You may see a tipping '?' icon. Don't worry, just drag the 'Task.png' icon on it.

Also, if the dock is full of '?' icons, that is because the dock couldn't find the icon locations. Just drag your desired icons from the 'PNG' folder and link it with the dock.

#Step 4: Customize the Rain meter skin

Install the rain meter program and unload all the default skins appearing on the Desktop by right-clicking on them.
How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)
Now, install the sierra menu bar. you will find it as 'Yosemite menu bar'. Go to the 'Quick access', open the rain meter program and load the Yosemite skin.

Final Touch

Navigate the cursor to the top-right corner and click on the three dots. Click on the 'Themes' option and select the 'Transparent' theme.
How To Make Windows 10 look like macOS(Step by Step Tutorial)
Again, click 'Font' and select the 'Lucida Grande 10x' font.

All done! Enjoy your Mac machine.

Want to see more high-quality screenshots? Visit here.


Customization has always been a part of Windows. Creators always try to create something new to make Windows look cool. They never get satisfaction from one type of customization.

We are from those who just test things created by others. Also, who likes the same old Windows 10 look. Also, these customizations satisfy our desire for Apple.

What's your opinion? let us know in the comment box below. If you are getting any problem regarding customization, describe your problem in the comment box and attach a screenshot with it.

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