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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Do you have an impression among your friends as a computer geek?

If you are a computer expert or computer student, you should know these 9 important things which might help you to get to the next level.

These are the basic but important things we must need in our daily routine but you may not know. But you are not different, it is human nature that we know all complex things but we ignore the basic but most important things.

Let's see what are these 9 important things every computer user must know.

1. Resetting Windows password

If someone asks you to help him with resetting his Windows password what will you do? you will go to the control panel>user account and then you will change the password by entering the old password to confirm. But what if I challenge you to reset the password without knowing the current password? What will you do?

Here is the trick. Go to the  Windows start menu and search for CMD, right-click on it and run it as administrator. Now type the 'net user' command to see all the current users. Now select the user to reset the password by the command

net user 'the username'  'password'
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

And hit enter. now a message will show up saying that the command completed successfully.

Do this and let your friends know that you are a real computer geek!

2. Opening Task manager real quick

It looks really nice to see when you do daily computer tasks smoothly and quickly. In our daily computer usage, the Task manager plays a very important role. It lets us know about the services going on, which service taking how much CPU, bandwidth, etc. What will you do if someone asks you to open up the Task manager to see what services running currently? Either you will open it by going through the Start menu and typing Task manager or by right-clicking on the Taskbar. That doesn't look smart. Right?
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

From now on, do this thing. Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and see how quickly you opened up the Task manager without going through your mouse button or Start menu.

3. Blocking a  website on your Computer system

If you introduce yourself as a computer expert or you are studying as a computer science student you must know how to block a website on your computer system. To do that you have to take the run mode in use.

Just press WIN+R and it will open up the run mode. In the search box type %windir%\system32\drivers\etc and click ok. It will open up the path Windows>system32>drivers>etc. Here you can see a file named 'Host'. Right-click on it and select 'Notepad' to open with. At the end of the file, you will see a list of IP addresses. We need to add the website we want to block. Just follow the steps. 

If the IP addresses already are for example then you need to type the IP address against your website by changing the last digit with 2. Also, you must add your website twice one without WWW and the other one with WWW. To add more websites you have to serially change the last digit of the IP address. for example-
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

And now save the Notepad and restart your browser and type the website you listed on the block list. What did you see? To unblock it, simply remove the websites from the Host file and save it.

4. Encrypting files and folders

If you have important documents on your computer and you don't want others to copy them for misuse, you can encrypt them. After that, the files or documents can be accessed only on your computer. If somebody copies that file and tries to open it on another computer, he can't access it.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Select the folder or file you want to encrypt and right-click on it and go to properties>advanced> mark the 'Encrypt contents to secure data' and click ok to apply it. It will warn you before continuing. Just ignore it and click on continue.

5. Finding saved wifi passwords

Do you know how to find the saved wifi passwords on your computer?  Well, it's not that tricky. Just follow these steps.

Open up the run mode by pressing WIN+R together and type CMD and hit enter. It will open up the command prompt.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Now on the command prompt give the command netsh wlan show profile 'the connected wifi name' key=clear and hit enter. It will show all the information about the Wifi profile. Scroll up to the 'Security settings' section and there you will see the password against 'Key Content'.

6. Finding information about connected Wifi or Internet connection

How can you find information about your Internet connection? that is very simple. You can find out the details about the DNS server, gateway IPV6 address, etc. just by a single line of command.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Open up the CMD and type the command ipconfig/all and hit enter.

7. Hiding Hard disk partitions/drives

You know how to hide or unhide a folder or file, but do you know how to hide/unhide your drives? let's see how you can do that.

Open up the run mode by pressing WIN+R together and type gpedit.msc and hit enter. It will open up the local group policy. Now expand the Administrative policy>Windows Components>File explorer
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Now at the right side search for the option 'Hide these specified drives in my computer'Double click on it and it will open up a new menu. On there click on Enabled and select the drive/drives you want to hide from the drop-down menu as shown in the picture and click on OK to apply the settings. Now go to the drives list and refresh for one time. Now you can see your drive is hidden from us.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

To unhide the drive/drives follow the same procedure but select 'Disabled' instead of 'Enabled' and click on OK.

8. Accessing blocked websites on any Network

Some networks have blocked websites. Mainly office and school networks. How can you easily access those sites without letting the authority know about it? The solution is simple.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

You can take proxy in use. Go to, select a server, type website name and hit enter. You can select other proxy services if you want. This service is free to use but not the best. It is always a good and secure thing to use paid services because nothing is directly free on the Internet. Free proxy services can collect your information.

9. Finding the IP address of any website 

There are many online tools you can use to know about any particular website. But if you only want the IP address of a website real quick and you don't want to search it on google then this trick is for you.
9 Important Things Every Computer User Must Know

Simply press WIN+R together and type CMD and hit enter. On the CMD type the command ping and hit enter. Okay! you got the IP address.


All those tricks mentioned above are very easy and basics but very helpful to make our daily computer tasks easy and smooth. Basics are the base of complexity. Don't forget that. Our daily lives are already boring but adding these things can boost up our lives.

These tricks may not useful for you now but surely someday you will be stuck at some point only for not knowing these basics.

What's your opinion about it? let us know in the comment box below. 

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