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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

A computer is a very important part of our modern life. Most of the people nowadays have computers in their home. 

But they do many small mistakes with their computers and eventually, those small mistakes turn out to a big mistake. In the modern world of the Internet, it is very risky not knowing what we are doing with our computer.

Someone said, "If you have a 24/7 active Internet, you're 24/7 under threat". That's very true. A computer takes a huge part of our modern lives and we must take care of it and what we are doing with it.

What are those mistakes we all do knowingly or unknowingly? the mistakes you should never do.

Let's see the things you will regret if you do with your computer.

1. Installing Cracked Software

Most people don't want to spend their money on software. They try to find out other options. They search for a modded or cracked version of the software. If you do important things on your computer and you have confidential or sensitive information saved on your computer, then you are doing a big mistake by installing cracked software.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

When you download cracked software, it has the probability that it may contain malicious codes or malware, spyware bound with the software or keygen/patcher. If you are installing the cracked version and launching the keygen or patcher, then it is probable that you installed a virus on your computer manually and gave access to the information to the attacker.

2. Visiting Malicious Websites

This mistake is normally done by beginners who don't have enough knowledge about computers and the Internet. You might notice that sometimes when you visit a website to download songs or movies, it redirects to another webpage or popups and that page shows a warning saying 'You have got a virus in your system. Remove it now by following these steps/downloading this software'.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

Never click on anything on such pages. Close that web page and go back. These websites try to install spyware or malware on our system. Sometimes the webpage gives alert sounds or your android phone starts vibrating. You don't need to be afraid, just simply close that webpage and the problem will be solved.

3. Not providing enough space to the System Partition

You will not face this problem at the starting after a clean installation of the operating system. But slowly when you go forward by storing big amounts of data, installing unnecessary software, then you will notice what you've done.

Some over smart people, during the installation of the operating system, they do not give proper enough space to the system partition. They think that the operating system doesn't need enough space, 10-50GB is enough. But when they start installing different software, slowly the packages of the software start growing by taking updates. Also by simply uninstalling the software doesn't remove the whole package of the software. It will be still in the system partition by taking space unless you do a clean uninstallation.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

After a few months of using the computer, it becomes slower, the startup takes too much time. Also sometimes the system freezes. The root of these problems is, not providing enough space to the system partition. You should give at least 100-150GB space to the system drive.

4. Downloading Files from Unknown Websites

Sometimes we download files from third-party websites. It is possible that the files may contain malicious codes or viruses and you may not notice. It is always recommended to download files from its official websites or other trusted websites.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

All third-party websites are not the same but prevention is better than cure. It also depends on you which website you trust and which not.

5. Wrong position of your Webcam

In a fast-growing online world, threats are also growing with it. We never imagine that our webcams can be hacked. What if your webcam is hacked and you're being watched. There is a tool called RAT(Remote administrator tool). Using it hackers can access all the components of your computer, even your webcam.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

Some people leave their computers in sleep mode or hibernation mode. Their private things can be recorded silently through the webcam and the attacker may blackmail you
 using the recorded video footage or photos.

What you should do? Use duct tape when you're not using your webcam.

6. Saving Important Files on the Desktop

Sometimes because of laziness or other reasons we save our important files on the Desktop. The Desktop is also a part of the system drive. Our system can be crashed or corrupted at any time. To reinstall the operating system we have to format the system drive and our important files saved on the system drive will be gone.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

We should never store important files on the system drive. It is recommended to always try saving important data on other drives.

7. Not doing Clean Uninstallation

When we buy a new computer, for the first few months it runs like lightning-fast and slowly it starts getting slow. The problem is, whenever we uninstall a program, we do not uninstall it properly. The program leaves its packages on the system drive. And the packages still takes place even if you install it. It results in running out of space of the system drive and the system becomes slow.
7 Things you will regret If you do with Your Computer

What is the solution? always try to do clean uninstallation. You can use different programs that do clean uninstallation. You can use the 'Iobit clean uninstallation program'.


We use our computer to make our life easier, we should pay it back too!. By simply maintaining the stuff we discussed above can make your computer run like lightning-fast and can keep it healthy.

These things do not take so much effort and money. Then? well, we are too lazy.

What's your opinion? let us know in the comment box and also don't forget to upvote the article.

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